GREAUX Healthy Hair Drops Reviews

Mercedes S.
It worked very well, my mother was balding and her hair is growing back after she tried everything. I bought the drops for myself and it helped repair my damaged hair and thinning edges.
Ronka H.
A must here product I purchased healthy hair drops Greaux for my daughter edges we started seeing improvement within weeks I love his product my daughter and I are big fans of this product.
Sade S.
SATISFIED!!! i have a intense baldspot on top of my head ive tried alot of products and this is the first product that i actually see hairs coming in...thank you...i will be ordering more in the future and will also recommend
Tamika G.
Love the feel! I can't attest to growth but I def love the way the oil smells, and makes my scalp tingle!! It's extremely light and does not weigh the hair down or feel greasy. I just finished my first bottle and I've ordered 3 more bottles I can't wait to provide an update. Provides a really great feeling of stimulation when used with my hair steamer :)
Shellon S.
Loved. Will be repurchasing I love the way it made my hair feels and look, and the tingling sensation is amazing. I love it. I only wish it was a bigger bottle but other than that I loved it.
Aisha J.
Love, love this stuff.... I've purchased these hair drops twice and I've seen a big improvement in my hair with growth and thickness. I love the way they make my hair feel!!!!!!!
Akeisha C.
love it I have a sew in and many people know that with sew ins your scalp is itchy. I was about to take my sew in out but started i to use the drops and it has stopped my itching with a cooling sensations . I'm in love
Tatanya M.
love the drops! I love the way it opens up my pores and makes my hair smell and feel good. I can wait to see the ending results once the bottle is gone. Thanks!
Rhea Y.
Awesome products i both both edge control and the greaux drops...I'm 6 months post the big chop and they works wonders on my hair. The drops make my scalp tingle and it has a minty scent which I love. I definitely record these products
Kaysha J.
Good Stuff After seeing the progress of others pictures posted, I decided to give the drops a try. At first I was a bit worried b/c I felt a little tingle and then a slight itching on my scalp, but that only lasted a few seconds. Although I have braids right now, the drops are keeping my scalp nice and flaking or dry scalp at all!
Veandrea W.
Love, love, love My most recent purchase was my second! I've only used the drips once since I've had my protective style within the last two weeks and I already see new growth! Will be ordering again!
Pauline S.
great product I am a product junky but lately have been skeptical because everyone wants to make a quick buck not really concerned with what theu put out there but I thought to use this product because I am desperate to grow my edges back. Anyway today I took out my box braids and was truly amazed how much my hair has grown since using this product I absolutely love it and and anxiously waiting for it to become available again. I used it everyday and its been a month. I would definitely recomme...
Dandruff all my life I've suffered with dandruff forever and tried everything, everywhere and nothing worked until I found your product my scalp is becoming healthy and OMG the dandruff is coming off like scales from a fish!!!!! this stuff is amazing I see and feel an improvement already (1-week).. Thank you
Amazing I received my drops three days ago and I love it. I have a bald spot from having my hair braided years ago and it never grew back. I feel the tingling sensation on the spot that has been damaged . Ordering another bottle right now.
Hollie F.
I'm not sure about the I'm not sure about the results yet. For the most part it still looks the same. I will purchase more. The oil gives my scalp a tingling sensation and it helps with my itchy scalp.
Kimberley L.
GREAUX Healthy Hair Drops I absolutely love these drops I will definitely be buying some more it's super light and doesn't make my hair feel heavy at all love the way it makes my scalp feel as well best product of 2015 for me that I have purchased !
Denesha B.
Greaux Healthy Hare Drops I absolutely love this product and I see the process of my hair is growing back fast I will most definitely order some more when I'm done with my first bottle.
Amanda L.
Anxiously Awaiting Results I purchased the greaux drops approximately two weeks ago. They were shipped promptly upon order. Since receiving I have used in a thin area daily. I do believe from other reviews/testimonials I will see results. I can't wait to share results.
Derek L.
So far so good. I'm liking the product thus far. It's to early to say rather it's working or not but unlike other products I've tried these drops don't dry my scalp out or burn.
Pamela B.
Lets greaux!!! My first purchase was for my mother, who has hair growth issues, especially the crown area. Very thin, short afro. Everything(gel,glue,hairspray,weave, wigs,etc) irritates her scalp. 1st usage, she noticed an immediate soothing, tingly effect on her scalp. Thnk we anticipate the growth progress. Great start
Satisfied Saw the product on Instagram and saw all the comments and results an decided to give it a try. The order process was fast and easy and so was the delivery process. Tried the product and felt the tingly feeling and did as instructed and wrapped my hair up. My hair feels so soft and smells good. I would definitely recommend this product.
Oil You can definitely feel this oil working. Tingling and warm feeling and it gives your hair a natural shine. Ordered three more bottles since I plan on using daily!
GREAUX Healthy Hair Drops
Chrissy W.
The drops has really transformed my scalp! My dandruff is almost non-existent and it has definitely increased my hair growth rate! 2 inches in 2 months! 😁
Louis J.
I love the feel and texture of the oil, as well as the airy, tingling feeling it gives your scalp when applied. Howeve; I can't say or see significant hair growth.
Latrice R.
My hair is definitely growing. I like the moisture and the ease of using the product. I'm waiting 3 months to determine if I see more growth to post a picture.
Loniel R.
I love the product , so far so good I have seen improvements in the areas. Will be purchasing more as my current drops is nearly finished. Great product highly recommend 👍🏻
Sharyn F.
OMGreau! these drops are awesome, makes my scalp feel good and moisturized for days, I apply every 2-3 days.
Gail C.
Love it I never thought Love it I never thought that there was such a product that can make your hair. I am a satisfy cumstomer
Big Dawg
Patience I have been slowly thinning at my lining and I started using this stuff and it had my hair growing nack slowly but surely.
Savannah B.
Thank you so much for Thank you so much for the drops, I have been seeing a improving in my hair growth. I will continue to purchase this item.
Beatrice H.
So far so good! I'm excited about the thickness that has happened to my hair. I love that cool tingle that it leaves and the scent.
Sharon L.
It made my scalp itch It made my scalp itch very bad, don't know if I wasn't using it right or not but I have stopped using it.
Rebecca D.
I love it it has helped my hair grow and I've only been a week and I already see progress
Camille S.
i love it!!!! its not oily even though its an oil you can still straighten and blow dry after applying and wont leave your roots oily and flat
Jessica L.
heealthy hair drops I really like this product! It's been only 2 weeks and I've amazing results. I definitely will be purchasing again.
Jazmine W.
Great oil I have been using this oil for a week now, and I can FEEL it working. I am waiting to check for length and thickness until I have used the entire bottle, but so far it's great!
Aliyah H.
Work in Progress I've been using the product for maybe 10 days. The smell is clean, product is easy to use and I like how my hair is not left looking or feeling oily. Once I see some growth in my thinning areas I will give it a 5 star.
Great product I started to use this product on my nape area and I started to see growth, in just a couple of weeks . I will need to buy some more of this product.
GREAUX Healthy Hair Drops
Carlton M.
Not too heavy. Gives the hair a perfect feel and smell.
Michelle L.
It look and feels soooo good to your Scalp... Its Awesome...
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